The Refin space dedicated to the world of design

Since 2009 Refin Studio has been a special place in Milan devoted to training and information activities on ceramics. Created as a multi-functional creative hub aimed at providing consulting services to architects and designers, it promotes the exchange of new design cultural ideas and fosters the technical and visual development of materials.

Refin Studio is based in the heart of the Brera district, in a prestigious and artistically relevant space restored by Sottsass Associates in the 1990s and recently reconditioned in a contemporary project where the key iconic design elements match to Refin surfaces and display systems.

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Showroom Milano

Refin Studio Milano

  1. Well room
    (Technical consulting, material consultation, seminars and conferences)
  2. Fireplace room
    (Meetings, hospitality and relax)
  3. Perspectives room
    (Display area for floor and wall coverings, laying suggestions and interior settings, presentation of new collections)
  4. Gallery
    (Display area and laying techniques for outdoor products)
  5. Offices
  6. Toilette
  7. Private area