The spaces and the activities

Refin Studio is the place where the ceramic product meets the project; a space designed not only as an exhibition area, but as multifunctional meeting place where Refin carries out information and education activities aimed at the world of design.

Well room


Distinguished by a well visible under the floor, this room is a technical area dedicated to the presentation of Refin products, ceramic material consultations and project consultations. On occasion it is used as a conference room for meetings, and it is available to professionals and organisations who want to organise events dedicated to the design world.

The space is equipped with audio/video equipment, table for speakers and chairs with folding tablet for up to 40 people.


  • Technical advice provided by a staff of experts to support designers
  • Materials consultation using a complete collection of sample surfaces, finishes, colours, sizes
  •  Events, seminars, presentations, training courses

Fireplace room


Dominated by the impressive polychrome marble fireplace designed by Sottsass Associati, the room is used for multiple functions: hospitality area for private and small meetings, as well as a relaxation area for coffee break and catering during events.

It is equipped with a large table, different types of seating to accommodate 6-8 people and audio/video equipment.


  • Private Meeting with Refin Studio staff
  • Hospitality for professionals passing through Milan
  • Dining area for designers

Perspectives room


A spacious lounge with a powerful perspective () with a gable roof, large geometric windows and neoclassical loft. Within the room the ceramic panels distinguish the various spaces and display Refin flooring and wall tiles.


  • Materials consultation through the practical display of collections
  • Exposition of different installation possibilities and combinations of floors and wall tiles
  • Presentation of the new collections



Situated in the Perspectives Room, the Stage is a special exhibition space dedicated to outdoor products with a 2cm thickness and their applications.


  • Insight into the method of installing the 2 cm thick outdoor range

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